The Cause


Poverty, failing grade schools, drugs, absentee fathers and other social problems have reached a crisis point on Tulsa’s Westside. Many of its neighborhoods are among the highest in the county for births to unmarried mothers, infant mortality, new HIV infections and homicides. Such statistics from this all-to-often forgotten part of Tulsa are evidence that the area is in desperate need of help. Some forecast a continual social decline unless someone intervenes to turn things around. Meanwhile, the impact of these social problems, crime and poverty is producing a whole new generation of kids, hungry for food, attention and hope.


In an all-out effort to stop the cycle of poverty, Contact Mission, a ministry of Tulsa Neighborhood Network, a 501(c)(3), has recently announced an aggressive “Contact Kids: Teach the Children Campaign.” Focusing on raising up a healthier generation, they plan to vastly increase their outreach to the kids, mentoring, coaching and tutoring them, providing after school programs, and expanding their subsidized summer-long camps focused on building both faith and character. And at nearly every event and opportunity, they will continue to ensure that no child is left hungry, giving out meals, along with lots of Christian love and affirmation.


Tom McCloud, Publisher of Community Spirit Magazine has set out to lose 100 pounds for the kids. From January 3rd through October 3rd, he will sweat, diet and strip off the weight for one reason…for the kids of West Tulsa and surrounding communities.


Hundreds of people are making a pledge to help the kids. They are pledging money for every pound Tom can lose in a 10-month period. You can join in with the fun. Tom’s loss will be the Kid’s Gain!


Every 60 days, there will be a rally where Tom’s weight loss will be documented by his registered nutritionist. You will be then be billed by email for the amount of your pledge. For instance, if you pledged $5 per pound and Tom loses 20 pounds in the 60 day period, you will be invoiced $100. The rallies and the email billing will continue every 60 days until Friday night, October 3, when there will be a final weigh-in. All along the way, you will be able to follow Tom’s progress as he blogs and writes about the experience in Community Spirit and uses every media source available to speak out about the needs of the kids in West Tulsa.


100% of your tax deductible pledge will go directly to the “Contact Kids: Teach the Kids programs. Contact Mission is part of The Tulsa Neighborhood Network. TNN is a registered 501(c)(3) and has been serving the needs of West Tulsa and the surrounding communities for over 10 years.

Can Tom hit the 100 pound goal? Make your pledge today! Then, follow his progress, cheer him on and help raise money for this very worthy cause.

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A team of professionals will guide Tom through this process.
Motivation – He will be mentored by none other than Danny Cahill, America’s Biggest Loser. Danny holds the record for losing the most weight on the show. He lost an astonishing 239 pounds during Season 8 and now is a motivational speaker, uplifting audiences across the world.

Nutrition – Lindsey Nieman with Cornerstone Christian Counseling Services will be Tom’s nutritionist, structuring his diet and providing the counseling necessary for long-term success. Lindsey holds a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Louisiana Tech University and has finished a special dietetic internship through the University of Oklahoma. She also holds a Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. Lindsay specializes in not only helping people lose weight, but in discovering the true reasons for the problem.

Physical Training – Tom will be trained by Michael Watkins, owner/operator/fitness coach at the Fitness Together locations at 97th and Riverside and Downtown Tulsa at 6th and Boston. Michael holds a Bachelors Degree of Health and Exercise Science from the University of Oklahoma and is considered to be one of the best personal trainers in the Tulsa area.